About Fit for the Stage

How it began

Many singers face the same struggles with nerves, body tension, and lack of focus. Unfortunately, they don’t often have the opportunity to collaborate and connect with other vocalists to fully explore and learn how to solve these issues.  

Leigh Graham decided that it didn’t have to be up to each singer out there to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ Fit for the Stage was born: a live workshop series (with an online program on its way) delivering a comprehensive mind-body training system to singers. Leigh’s goal is to maximize the effectiveness of each vocalist’s mind and body to achieve their greatest impact and freedom on stage.

Leigh Graham, Founder

Since 2003, Leigh’s full-time fitness coaching, mindset and meditation studies and certifications, combined with her  performing, have led her to draw some valuable conclusions on how to build a consistent singing practice.  

Leigh has practiced yoga, rock climbing, martial arts, meditation, pilates, triathlon, and strength training, among other forms of mind and body fitness. Through these challenges, Leigh became acutely aware of how certain methods of exercise can help, and how some can hinder one’s singing approach and ability.

Leigh’s Experience


  • 3-year Artist’s Diploma in Vocal Performance
  • Performing jazz and classical/opera music professionally for events, festivals, outdoor stages, and clubs (from duo to big band) since 2003, including TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Summer Serenades, Taste of the Danforth, and Mel Lastman Square.
  • Performed as lead singer in various bands (Rock, R&B, Folk, Jazz, Blues) since 1992, age 17.


As a Fitness for Mental Health Specialist, Meditation coach, and Certified NLP Practitioner, Leigh’s Mindset Coaching expertise will guide you to a new way to joy, freedom and impact when you sing.


Put 4-year Kinesiology Degree to use with 15 years as a full-time fitness trainer for individuals and groups in functional fitness, rehab and mind-body training.

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Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage3 weeks ago
This work is not new...
How awesome is it that once we get clear on what it is that we desire and keep our eye on the prize that these miracles do unfold. The subconscious mind will work alongside your conscious action to get you there.
I always say ‘use your imagination for good!’
Want to know how? Hit me up!
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage4 weeks ago
Our first virtual workshop with @fitforthestage 💥! Loved meeting some of the many skilled and talented students of @roberta_michele_vocal_coach! What an epic treat for me to work with each of you and to hear your unbelievable hearts and voices loud and clear. ❤️
With the tools you’ve learned, I know you will continue to work on sharing your singing voices with confidence and vulnerability, allowing your audience to always remember the pure experience you gave them💫❤️💥🙏👏
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage4 weeks ago
Artists, if you have ever wondered whether you should just give it up... this is a powerful 5-minute lovechat just for you.
Fit for the Stage
The Photo Trip Where I Almost Decided To Quit
A message for myself, and for you. Filmed three years ago. A bit of backstory: In 2017, after a couple of years of feeling burnt-out with my photography, I h...
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage2 months ago
Hey singers... Modern Singer published this article I wrote for staying nourished in uncertain times... hope it helps!
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage2 months ago
The people I surround myself with inspire me to be the best version of myself. They inspire me as they are human beings with compassion, kindness and usually gumption and grit. They do what it takes to make the world a better place. They are ‘yes’ people, dreamers, healers, growers, builders, and have fun making a difference. I feel grateful to know you and walk among you. You know who you are!! ❤️🙏💥👊