This is Fit for the StageTM

The Mind-Body Singers’ Program.

Have you struggled with nerves, doubt, or negative self-talk, or lose memory or focus on stage?

Do you find it hard to stay healthy in a run of performances?

Have you wanted to improve your physical condition to meet your busy schedule but don’t know where to start?

There is a new way.

We offer an innovative holistic mind-body training program that’s specifically designed for vocalists.


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“My focus is better. I love the approach to breathing; focusing on different parts in succession. It’s quick, easy, and I can do it anywhere. It feels like my body’s automatic reminder to get grounded.”

“The NLP portion in particular has transformed my approach to the stage. Now with just a bit of prep, before and when I sing, I know how to get in the zone every time.”

“I’m excited about getting into better shape for singing, and now I know how. Love the take-home materials. Highly recommend this workshop!”

“The anchoring exercise is definitely one that I’ll use before I sing. Leigh really breaks down the whole mind-body process, step by step, to show you how to give your very best on stage.”

“Fit for the Stage is like a tune-up geared toward preparation for singing on stage. If you have any doubt about your impact, or lack consistency in your performance, this workshop is a must.”


Fit for the Stage encompasses a live workshop series that introduces singers to invaluable techniques, both mental and physical, to consistently optimize their singing performance.

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Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage3 days ago
Not sure you’re the real deal?... and one day they’re all going to find you out?! Watch this.
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 week ago
Don’t let your ‘past self’ win the negotiations with ‘who you’re becoming’! ❤️
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage3 weeks ago
Feeling grateful, lit up and blissed out after a lunchy learny interactive video session with @wearemusicfit and a great bunch of humans/musicians. 🙏 💥
We workshopped preparation, recovery and optimization for music practice and performance. My favourite takeaway was the reminder of the power of a few specific daily habits to keep you not only healthy for the stage but vibing high in general. As we know, the state we find ourself in determines our day...and our life, so if you could use some hacks, knowledge and epic positivity in order to be more consistent, I highly recommend you get in touch with my buddy Mike. 💪 Play on!
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage4 weeks ago
Do you have a morning routine to get you clear, focused and intentional? If so, what time do you like to start and what are your non-negotiable daily activities to get you in the right headspace/mindset? Journaling? Meditation? Visualization? Limited screen times? Etc! Drop them in the comments below. ❤️
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
Fires me up to hear how the mindset tools we use really change the game for performers! This star @sachavisagie is so accomplished but knew she could show up on a whole other level for her audience and herself if she layered in some mindset tools for success, and love the journey too. Kudos to @roberta_michele_vocal_coach for recognizing what her singers need ❤️❤️❤️

Sacha says it best:

"Performance is a mindset! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Leigh to enhance my ability to perform with ultimate peace of mind. At times I have been overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and emotions, but working with Leigh from a mental standpoint of a performer has really served me in my ability to tap in to the moment and perform with ease and a sound mind".

Reach out to me for private or group zooms to get your own breakthroughs for performance 💥
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage2 months ago
Very excited to have had the chance to work with some incredible artists this year!
It’s awesome to see more and more performers understanding that getting the mind right for the stage is a key aspect of an effective and enjoyable(!) performance, for both the performer and the audience.
I love this work!!!!