This is Fit for the StageTM

The Mind-Body Singers’ Program.

Have you struggled with nerves, doubt, or negative self-talk, or lose memory or focus on stage?

Do you find it hard to stay healthy in a run of performances?

Have you wanted to improve your physical condition to meet your busy schedule but don’t know where to start?

There is a new way.

We offer an innovative holistic mind-body training program that’s specifically designed for vocalists.


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“My focus is better. I love the approach to breathing; focusing on different parts in succession. It’s quick, easy, and I can do it anywhere. It feels like my body’s automatic reminder to get grounded.”

“The NLP portion in particular has transformed my approach to the stage. Now with just a bit of prep, before and when I sing, I know how to get in the zone every time.”

“I’m excited about getting into better shape for singing, and now I know how. Love the take-home materials. Highly recommend this workshop!”

“The anchoring exercise is definitely one that I’ll use before I sing. Leigh really breaks down the whole mind-body process, step by step, to show you how to give your very best on stage.”

“Fit for the Stage is like a tune-up geared toward preparation for singing on stage. If you have any doubt about your impact, or lack consistency in your performance, this workshop is a must.”


Fit for the Stage encompasses a live workshop series that introduces singers to invaluable techniques, both mental and physical, to consistently optimize their singing performance.

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Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage3 weeks ago
This work is not new...
How awesome is it that once we get clear on what it is that we desire and keep our eye on the prize that these miracles do unfold. The subconscious mind will work alongside your conscious action to get you there.
I always say ‘use your imagination for good!’
Want to know how? Hit me up!
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage4 weeks ago
Our first virtual workshop with @fitforthestage 💥! Loved meeting some of the many skilled and talented students of @roberta_michele_vocal_coach! What an epic treat for me to work with each of you and to hear your unbelievable hearts and voices loud and clear. ❤️
With the tools you’ve learned, I know you will continue to work on sharing your singing voices with confidence and vulnerability, allowing your audience to always remember the pure experience you gave them💫❤️💥🙏👏
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage4 weeks ago
Artists, if you have ever wondered whether you should just give it up... this is a powerful 5-minute lovechat just for you.
Fit for the Stage
The Photo Trip Where I Almost Decided To Quit
A message for myself, and for you. Filmed three years ago. A bit of backstory: In 2017, after a couple of years of feeling burnt-out with my photography, I h...
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage2 months ago
Hey singers... Modern Singer published this article I wrote for staying nourished in uncertain times... hope it helps!
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage2 months ago
The people I surround myself with inspire me to be the best version of myself. They inspire me as they are human beings with compassion, kindness and usually gumption and grit. They do what it takes to make the world a better place. They are ‘yes’ people, dreamers, healers, growers, builders, and have fun making a difference. I feel grateful to know you and walk among you. You know who you are!! ❤️🙏💥👊