Shoutouts and News!

Shoutouts and News!

On this fine Monday, I wanted to send a wee shoutout to these wonderful singers who are thriving in the Fit for the Stage program. If you are on the...

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Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage2 days ago
Just got back from a restful and balancing trip with my son in Mexico.
While I took a complete and total work break, releasing productivity, I made sure not to let ALL good habits go out the window. Sleep, whole food, movement, family connection, balance, flow. These became my focus.
I know many people have a hard time staying ‘on track’ when they travel, and as singers/performers, there can often be even more at stake when we are on the road if we get sick.
Last year I got super sick while I was away, and I lost half my vacation. I wasn’t letting that happen again! 😷
Some gems I wanted to share that seem to work and are simple...
Chewable vitamin C before bed (in addition to boosting immune health, helps keep you regular!), remembering macros (do you know you can still hit them beautifully with tacos and buffet breakfasts?), get on a sleep schedule- one that allows you to get enough rest each night, daily movement, fresh air/nature (stress reduction) and sun (vitamin D). If anyone around you is sick, wash your hands like a maniac. Finally, practice being present. It’s your chance to rewire your brain, which will serve you well in managing any stressors upon your return.
What about you? Are you staying healthy while you travel?
It sure helps you enjoy it more ❤️.
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage4 weeks ago
Wanted to share some pics from our awesome Fit for the Stage workshop day last weekend.

What joy bubbles up for me in this work!

An incredible group of singers came (we heard everything from Rock to Jazz to Opera!), and all were game to dive deep to shine even more. So grateful you put your trust in me, that you made some huge discoveries and were able to deliver the tools on stage BIG TIME.

Goosebumps, laughs, breakthroughs, we had it all because you brought your A game.

Exciting things to come.
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
So excited to work and play with a new group of singers at our workshop today at the lovely @918bathurst !
Let the magic unfold. ⭐️ 🙏🏻 🎶💥
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
Thank you to everyone who entered! 💥
We have a winner 🏆
Congrats Laura Robinson!!
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
Announcing contest winners tomorrow am! 💪🏼
Still time to enter🎶
Fit for the Stage
Fit for the Stage1 month ago
It’s time for a CONTEST... Because this workshop will be even more fun if YOU’re there. And I want you to get your breakthrough. 💥


There will be one lucky winner plus a friend who will come for free (savings $299 each) next Sunday Jan 26th 2:30-7:30pm, 918 Bathurst St, Toronto.

Here’s how to ENTER:
1. LIKE this post
2. FOLLOW @fitforthestage FB page
3. Tag a performer friend (or more)
4. Get a bonus entry if you SHARE this post!

Winner will be contacted by dm Wednesday. Get your entry in by Tuesday at 11:59pm. 💥

See below for more details on the day.


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