You say your mind is too active. You get too tired. You can’t just sit there and do nothing. As well as other reasons to avoid doing it. Trust me, I’ve had the same excuses in the past.

I’m going to challenge you to give up the idea that you’re no good at meditating, and just do it.

Because guess what? 

First of all,

I’ve never heard of anyone being proficient at meditating without practice. 

Like learning your musical instrument (or any sport, art or skill), it takes time, daily effort and practice to be good at clearing your mind. Remember, you didn’t learn to sing like that in a day!

The key is to do it again and again

The second key is not to judge. Like a daily writing practice, some days will ‘flow’ more than others. This is normal and expected… and totally fine. Besides, the more you judge it, the more chatter there will be in your head. Focus on what your body feels like in that moment. Be curious about whether you feel uneasy, tired, elated or peaceful. Observe objectively what your mind wants to do. Accept all as it is, knowing that moment is unique, and that ‘this too shall pass’ and will give way to other moments just as fleeting. 

Remember, if you’re taking the time out to practice meditating, just like singing, it counts as your ‘drop in the bucket’ toward mastery. Period. Accept your best effort in your practice today, stay with it going forward, and count on it being easier in future.

We all know the benefits of meditation by now, with research-based evidence in neuroscience. We know we can ‘rewire’ our brains to serve us, our communities and our loved ones maximally. It is also tremendously useful for musical performance preparation as it reduces anxiety and promotes a healthy outlook and state.

If you want to level up your meditation ability in an inviting space with other singers just like you, you will have a chance to do so at our next workshop Sunday January 26th. As part of this ‘elevate your stage performance’ day, I will introduce you to original guided meditations for singers to find stillness and grounded power together. Registration for this event is now open! For more information and to sign up with the early bird special, see